Georgina Makdessi

 Over the past decade, Sydney's Georgina Makdessi has sculpted herself into a unique and expressive artist. Her 2009 debut album reflected a studious passion for singing entrenched in high energy neo-classical, but as her influences have broadened, Georgina's sound has blossomed into more contemporary pop. Following her uplifting 2019 single Love Again, Georgina returns in 2020 with an alluring rendition of the Lauren Daigle hit You Say.


Once again teaming up with producer Richard Lake, Georgina has put her own mark on You Say, texturing her beautiful voice atop the thoughtful guitar playing of Daniel Natoli. The results speak for themselves: a gentle yet powerful song that takes Georgina's vocal dexterity and refines it for an entirely new context. In doing so, she takes a beloved work of art and makes it her own, adding emotional depth with her sincere, heartfelt delivery.

More about Georgina

In You Say, and indeed all her work, it is apparent that Georgina Makdessi loves to sing. That is the recurring theme of her story. Initially, this led her to London's Trinity College, where she attained an Associate Diploma in Recital In Voice. From there, her journey took off. Her early work reflected a deep love of the West End and neo-classical – a fair challenge for any singer – but while this was the whetstone on which she sharpened her skills, the best of Georgina was still to come.


2017's Echoes Of Emotion established Georgina's skills both as a mezzo-soprano and a multi-linguist, though it was on 2018's Into Our Lives – her first collaboration with producer Richard Lake – that she truly found her voice and unlocked her full potential as an artist. Redefining herself as a contemporary crossover vocalist, Georgina's glorious range found its best ally yet: pop sensibilities. This intoxicating combination would go on to define the very nature of Georgina's musical odyssey.


Conjuring this magic once again, You Say continues Georgina's exploration of modern pop music. But she is not like any other pop artist. All of her classical training and knowledge shines through, adding richness and depth to what is essentially musical ear candy. And this is what makes Georgina special... her sound is wholly her own. From her take on musical theatre's titans, to the understated pop bliss of You Say, there is no one else who sounds like Georgina Makdessi.

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