Georgina Makdessi

"My music is simply a journey of deep emotions that we all experience in life."

 Over the past decade, Sydney's Georgina Makdessi has sculpted herself into a unique and expressive artist. Her 2009 debut album reflected a studious passion for singing entrenched in high energy neo-classical, but as her influences have broadened, Georgina's sound has blossomed into more contemporary pop. Following her uplifting 2019 single Love Again, and with an alluring rendition of Lauren Daigle's hit You Say in August 2020. Georgina returns again in November 2020  teaming up with Producer Richard Lake with a co-written single Could This a subtly Christmas-themed tale of romance and destiny, based entirely on a true story.

The time-honoured tradition of the Christmas song is a rite of passage for adult contemporary artists the world over. Filled to the brim with themes of love and giving, they are a vessel of the joy and festivity that epitomises the season. Adding a new colour to her palette, Sydney's Georgina Makdessi has taken her first foray into this beloved musical realm with Could This – a subtly Christmas-themed tale of romance and destiny, based entirely on a true story.


Sydney in December is a far cry from the Northern Hemisphere's fabled winter wonderland, and as such Could This is not a typical Christmas song. There are no snowmen and sleigh bells, Makdessi assures us. Instead, by building upon the fundamentals of the West End-style of her early releases, Georgina has created a Christmas song with relevance to Australians. At its core, Could This is a heartwarming story about serendipity. A love song.


“Christmas is a special time to show love,” Georgina explains. “Could This is a tale of a holiday hideaway for a couple that were brought together by fate after a long time apart. They are both hoping for their Christmas wish to come true and for love to keep them together,” she says. And while Could This is based on actual events, Georgina reveals little of the characters' real life counterparts, saying that “It never hurts to add a bit of intrigue.” Indeed it does not.


This is entirely fitting, as Georgina's body of work as a whole has been filled with intrigue. She has steadily built an enviable songbook of singles – each exploring different musical territory than its predecessor. Staying true to this, Could This is yet another avenue of musical expression for Georgina, incorporating elements of dance and electronica into her unique approach to pop music. And while love songs are nothing new in her repertoire, the theme of Christmas most certainly is.

More about Georgina

In Could This, and indeed all her work, it is apparent that Georgina Makdessi loves to sing. That is the recurring theme of her story. Initially, this led her to London's Trinity College, where she attained an Associate Diploma in Recital In Voice. From there, her journey took off. Her early work reflected a deep love of the West End and neo-classical – a fair challenge for any singer – but while this was the whetstone on which she sharpened her skills, the best of Georgina was still to come.


2017's Echoes Of Emotion established Georgina's skills both as a mezzo-soprano and a multi-linguist, though it was on 2018's Into Our Lives – her first collaboration with producer Richard Lake – that she truly found her voice and unlocked her full potential as an artist. Redefining herself as a contemporary crossover vocalist, Georgina's glorious range found its best ally yet: pop sensibilities. This intoxicating combination would go on to define the very nature of Georgina's musical odyssey. 

Georgina Makdessi's career has been defined by this kind of progress. Over the past two decades she has blossomed from a student into a solo singer, recording artist and burgeoning songwriter. Since her 2009 debut, each release has been a new milestone of creativity; from neo-classical covers and modern pop classics to heartfelt original works spanning multiple genres. Still finding ways to reinvent herself, Georgina's love of writing and recording continues to grow and take shape with Could This... and with it she has given us her most beautiful song to date.


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