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Georgina Makdessi

"My music is simply a journey of deep emotions that we all experience in life."

Georgina Makdessi's unconditional love for music shines through everything she does. While the first half of her career was defined by her evolution as a singer, it is the art of songwriting that currently inspires Georgina the most. Not surprisingly, the more interested she has become in songwriting, the further her music has progressed into the world of pop... and the combination of this larger-than-life production and Georgina's glorious vocal range has been a match made in heaven.


On this journey of artistic self-discovery, Georgina has worked alongside seasoned producer Richard Lake, who has mentored and shaped her flourishing songwriting skills. This fortuitous musical pairing has resulted in a succession of singles that started with 2019's beautiful Love Again. From there, the partnership was solidified on a stunning rendition of Lauren Daigle' You Say... signalling a distinct move into more pop-orientated territory.


While already a talented and accomplished singer, Georgina's work with Richard Lake has given her a new voice in songwriting. As a result, a world of self-expression has opened up.


Last collaboration with Lake at the end of 2020 on her first Christmas song Could This, Georgina has remained very productive in these unpredictable times. While her Sydney home has largely been spared the endless lockdown ensnaring the rest of the world, Georgina has sought to spread joy through music – using it as a vessel for her unrelenting optimism. This faith is the heart and soul of her latest single You And I... her most pop offering to date.


More about Georgina

You And I perfectly balances its light and shade... finding symmetry between Georgina's lyrical weight, and pop's catchy beats and melodies. Inspired by the experiences of a close friend, Georgina explores the heaviness of anxiety and depression in her lyrics – darkness most of us have no choice but to face in our lives. True to her buoyant nature, Georgina shows us that love is always the answer... even against the deepest of emotional chasms.


To this end, You And I is more than a mere pop song... it is a deliberate beacon – a guiding light for the lost, in the form of a message of hope. And once again, Georgina Makdessi's foray into pop music has been far more than smiles and saccharine. She has shown that it is an artform as capable of depth and poignancy as any. As an emerging songwriter, this may be her greatest gift.

In  January 2022 Georgina released her single Never Let Me Go drawing inspiration from her own life, Georgina paints a picture of human connection and the profound impact it can have on the soul. “Never Let Me Go is a song inspired by personal experience,” she explains. “When someone comes into your life, and you take a chance on them, your expectation is simply for them to never ever let you go.” A beautifully romantic sentiment, but one that also serves as a metaphor for her creativity as a singer/song writer.

Then later in 2022 by Feel It Now was released drawing inspiration from her own life. The idea come through after an encounter with a special person for the first time in her life. This song is about what we perceive of others and how they would feel and think about a relationship once it develops. Also it is about emotions and how it overcomes a person almost surrounding them. One of those moments one experiences in their lifetime.

In  2023 Angel In Disguise her latest single was released a tasty 80s melody and mellifluous vocals reminiscent of the likes of Kate Bush and Suzanne Vega that soar to an emotionally powerful crescendo, Makdessi captures the essence of raw emotion through her direct lyrics, therefore crafting an easily digestible yet engaging track.

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