Georgina Makdessi

Listening through Georgina Makdessi's discography reveals a wealth of variety. From her prowess as a classical crossover vocalist, to her seamless multi-linguistic abilities, Georgina's talent is vast and versatile. Adding yet another feather to her cap, Makdessi has returned with Love Again – her most pop-driven song to date. With its contemporary sound, powerful production and delivery, Love Again is a delightfully adventurous new direction for Georgina's golden mezzo-soprano voice.


Following on from her last single Into Our Lives, which she co-wrote with producer Richard Lake, Love Again delves deeper into Georgina's bag of tricks and hits closer to her own heart. Trading the grandeur of the classics for the exhilaration of something more modern, Love Again feels like second nature for Makdessi – an organic extension of her already impressive body of work. Rather than being at odds with her musical career, Love Again is a bold new era of it.

Georgina's Background

Based in Sydney, Georgina graduated from London's Trinity College with an Associate Diploma in Recital In Voice in 2008. Over the years she has gone on to win awards, release a variety of music that spans genres, and earn her stripes with over a decade of live performance. A seasoned professional with an impeccable reputation, Georgina's career speaks for itself – with a voice that finds itself at home everywhere from intimate private performances, to large-scale events.

More than anything else, Georgina Makdessi loves to sing. That passion has defined her career, and is the energy that drives Love Again. She is as comfortable singing in German and French as she is in English, and this worldly ability breeds the confidence that permeates all of her work. Delving into new territory, she is no less confident, as Love Again proves. At its heart, it is the kind of entrancing song Georgina is renowned for.


Written by Bish Malik and Ned Koncar, and produced by Richard Lake at Kiln Studios, Love Again is exquisitely refined. From its delicate verses, to its uplifting choruses, to its deeply personal lyrics, Love Again is a triumphant addition to Georgina Makdessi's stunning repertoire. And while she has never rested on her laurels, nor repeated the same thing twice, Love Again marks a departure that opens an exciting new chapter in her highly decorated career.

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